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Disruption to energy production is a critical factor along with political and regulatory change. These areas remain complex and worthy of close attention. In our experience the biggest business problems revolve around the breakdown or disruption to plant and machinery, contractual liabilities and financial loss. Insurance underwriters are very much aware of this exposure and often seek to impose onerous operating conditions and warranties.

There is no point spending money on insurance if it isn’t going to pay out when you most need it. If a loss occurs the financial impact can be devastating, that’s why speed of claims settlement and loss recovery support are absolutely critical.

The single, most critical service we offer is a technical thoroughness applied with experience. The devil is absolute in the detail when it comes to arranging oil, gas and renewable energy insurance protection. Insurers are aware of their risk exposures and often apply onerous conditions that are not often clear to business leaders and owners, until a claim occurs.

Fully understanding trading activities, checking your maintenance and control systems, being aware of potential supply chain disruption impact and assessing environmental exposures is extremely important. With a deep understanding of your specific risks we can guide you to ensure maximum insurance cover based on your own balance sheet strength, cash flow and risk appetite.

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